Amanda Wildefyre – Ultimate Heavy Rubber Mistress

Undisputed female rubberist exemplar Amanda Wildefyre is a very obvious candidate to sit at the top table of the ultimate heavy rubber mistress but even more so than many others she is one-of-a-kind. Amazonian in stature, Ivy-league graduate, theatrical in demeanour, passionately enthusiastic, in every sense larger than life. She seems to have chosen pro-domination as a career as the closest she could find to her true vocation of mad scientist / super villainesse.

She is more than comfortable herself in full hooded enclosure while practising her black arts encasing her victims (mostly males and TVs but also some female) in numerous layers of rubber bondage and multiple latex hoods and masks (always of the finest quality). They are always further reduced to utter helplessness by the strictest extreme bondage in combination with a vast collection of bizarre devices, many of them fabulous genuine antique medical equipment.

Her website was once a pay site, but now serves to promote her Pro-Domme sessions, since she launched a new pay site called, named after her Minneapolis lair.

This pay site looks to have been the fruit of her close connection to the folks behind and You can read two articles they published about her HERE and HERE. and see a special gallery HERE.

Amanda has made several memorable fetish movies, widely available on DVD and VOD that date from her earlier association with Gwenmedia while Bob Zak was alive, they can still all be ordered from the Gwenmedia web site too. She also credits the DDI team with first getting her into image-making when her first vocation was always, rubber, bondage and torture.

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