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Rubber Maid for Service

She knew the arrangement, it happened rarely and she eagerly anticipated each second, the build up, the instance and the departure. The Master of this room was a twisted romantic, he knew what he wanted and she dutifully allowed his pleasure.

Tightly laced in her shiny smooth bodice, breasts cupped with frills, stiffly starched shirt tightly tied over the top. Collar erect touching as high up as her ears, hearing muffled through tight head coverage, her eyes hidden by a frilly dust mask.

She senses movement in the shadows of the room. Continue reading ‘Rubber Maid for Service’

How To Fuck: Position Two.

My legs are encased by shiny stockings of rubber and by strictly laced ballet boots. Toes pointing to the ceiling, my wrists are strapped to my ankles with tight leather restraints. I grip the long pointed heels with my gloved hands.

There is a rope that’s been tied to the top of the bed post above me the noose placed around my neck, it leaves my breath shallow as it subtly suffocates. I desperately want to relax back into the soft pillows, I lean into my legs to provide some relief, but I am unable to hold the position for long. I slip backwards and the ligature tightens.  It edges me towards asphyxiation – what a sweet way to pass….. Continue reading ‘How To Fuck: Position Two.’

The Missing Hood

Madeline is hurrying down the street as quickly as she can, despite her tight hobble skirt and 6 inch stilts. She arrives at the hotel and hurtles herself into the lift, anxious to get back upstairs where her Hooded Master awaits.

She opens the door and scans the room when from behind, a hand closes in on her mouth and another her throat. It is Him.

Madeline’s back is up against the wall as her Master undoes her pink satin tie. He flips the top button of her shirt, then the second and pulls it open exposing the triangle of skin on her chest. He slides his hand across and under her bra and over her nipples. He licks her collar bone and sucks her neck trailing his tongue up to her ear where he whispers “Where is the hood that you were supposed to put back on before re-entering this room?” Continue reading ‘The Missing Hood’

Heavy Rubber School Girl Madeline


Heavy rubber school girl Madeline, rushed in the front door to find Daddy waiting for her, perched on the edge of the sofa, in the living room. She stopped short, kind of surprised, but not greatly cos she knew she’d been in trouble at school that day.

She glanced over at RubberBitch the human latex ensconced puppy (sex undetermined) in the corner who was looking up at her with woeful (i.e hopeful) eyes. Continue reading ‘Heavy Rubber School Girl Madeline’

Public masturbation: Masked & in Rubber

My head was tightly packed into a rubber hood with a leather hood over the top. The back laced and locked on leather hood had no nose holes, so it meant I had to breathe through my mouth which was difficult enough because my jaw was aching from being bound together by the two hoods! The best I could do for the extended period of time was part my lips and suck the air through my teeth. I couldn’t take a very deep breath and I had to keep telling myself to keep control and not panic, so I concentrated on shallow, long deliberate breathing making sure my lungs were completely full before breathing slowly out again. Continue reading ‘Public masturbation: Masked & in Rubber’