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Rubber Doll Rituals

Rubber Doll Rituals is a new heavy rubber erotica project focussing on fetish girls at play wearing total enclosure head-to-toe latex. The girls aren’t in general fetish models, rather, they are full on rubber fetishists getting their kicks by creating some arty latexy erotic not-your-everyday type of porn. From what I’ve seen there is no unnecessary nudity but we are treated to very pleasant full on cunt shots namely from Mary Jale in Spilt Milk and Miss O who uses a pussy pump in Pussy Power.

The producers are Maria Beatty of Bleu Productions fame and Miss May aka Fetish Webmistress. It’s early days but looks to be a promising source for creative rubber porn… check it out >

Photo Gallery: Fetish Dynasty

For many years a connoisseur of rubber latex and all fetish photography, the Mikado of Fetish Dynasty was always searching for imagery that could satisfy his personal obsessions and fetishes. Eventually he was inspired to begin creating the kind of images he’d been seeking out for himself, in collaboration with his partner in crime, the PrimaFetishista. Now we can all enjoy the product of a truly wicked and perverted pair indulging in each other’s fantasies. Head over to their website for much more of their photography

Fetish Model Pupett

Fetish Model Pupett, from the former East Germany demands the attention of any lover of heavy rubber, bondage, domination and the female form. Her obvious love for extreme rubber bondage and predicaments shows in her wonderfully engaging and expressive face, that makes her always stand out from her equally pretty perverted peers. Although often enough Pupett’s face soon disappears under various latex hoods and masks, sometimes more than one.

Pupett’s long established pay site is frequently updated, and as befits a heavy rubber bondage model of long standing she can also be seen teamed up with Shiny Aline, Sandra from Fetish-Live, the team at and recently demonstrating wonderful heavy rubber bondage gear and hoods from at Fetish Evolution in Essen, supervised by Baroness Bijou.

Kumimonster, latex connoisseur and fetish muse

kumimonster corsets hwdesignkumimonster in latex straitjacket

Kumimonster is no stranger to heavy rubberism, but hardly ever if at all takes a mistress role. An absolute lover of latex and premier world-class fetish model, Kumi has recently re-branded herself changing her paysite’s name to

She certainly is a muse to many of the world’s top fetish photographers and designers, but above all she is a massively experienced connoisseur of the fetish aesthetic and especially all things latex, from haute-couture style elegance, to extreme multi layered bizarre restrictive outfits and has impeccable taste and judgement in all matters fetish. Continue reading ‘Kumimonster, latex connoisseur and fetish muse’