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Fetish Model Pupett

Fetish Model Pupett, from the former East Germany demands the attention of any lover of heavy rubber, bondage, domination and the female form. Her obvious love for extreme rubber bondage and predicaments shows in her wonderfully engaging and expressive face, that makes her always stand out from her equally pretty perverted peers. Although often enough Pupett’s face soon disappears under various latex hoods and masks, sometimes more than one.

Pupett’s long established pay site is frequently updated, and as befits a heavy rubber bondage model of long standing she can also be seen teamed up with Shiny Aline, Sandra from Fetish-Live, the team at and recently demonstrating wonderful heavy rubber bondage gear and hoods from at Fetish Evolution in Essen, supervised by Baroness Bijou.

Anna Rose – Alterpic and Kinky Pony Girl


American ex-pat and now German resident, Anna Rose started out as a Pro-Domme, before meeting Uwe, her ‘Master-right’ and diving headlong into full heavy rubber submission, resulting in the highly regarded book ‘My Love – Diary of a Loving S/M Relationship’. Together they produce the web sites, Alterpic and Kinky Pony Girl.

Anna loves being hooded in rubber and can be seen enjoying well photographed and filmed bondage, penetration and electro stimulation by her Master and other guest Mistresses and Tops. However as befits a former Mistress herself, Anna is not shy to take charge of submissive guests, and rigourously put them through their paces, usually in some from of rubber bondage.