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Rubber Maid for Service

She knew the arrangement, it happened rarely and she eagerly anticipated each second, the build up, the instance and the departure. The Master of this room was a twisted romantic, he knew what he wanted and she dutifully allowed his pleasure.

Tightly laced in her shiny smooth bodice, breasts cupped with frills, stiffly starched shirt tightly tied over the top. Collar erect touching as high up as her ears, hearing muffled through tight head coverage, her eyes hidden by a frilly dust mask.

She senses movement in the shadows of the room. Continue reading ‘Rubber Maid for Service’

What He likes

Dearest and beloved slave… Since I know that you are writing to give me pleasure, and since I generally love the tone and style of what you write, I wanted to pass on a couple of elements to include to enhance my pleasure… I particularly enjoy the image of a rubber costume that exposes the vagina, nipples and triangle below the collar bone. I like outfits where an arrangement of straps and buckles, or chains – with locks, leaves you utterly helpless to remove or alter any aspect of your costume. Ditto chains and locks that hold you in one place, bed, chair, bathroom rail or restrict your movement; arms behind back, elbows together, ankles, knees, thighs etc I like to hear how oppressive some outfits might be… ballet heels, very tight thick gloves, gags that make your jaws ache and saliva drip humiliatingly, posture collars done up one hole too tight, leaving you flushed beneath your face covers and struggling for breath. I particularly want to hear about multiple hoods and masks and layers of loose rubber. Continue reading ‘What He likes’

Public masturbation: Masked & in Rubber

My head was tightly packed into a rubber hood with a leather hood over the top. The back laced and locked on leather hood had no nose holes, so it meant I had to breathe through my mouth which was difficult enough because my jaw was aching from being bound together by the two hoods! The best I could do for the extended period of time was part my lips and suck the air through my teeth. I couldn’t take a very deep breath and I had to keep telling myself to keep control and not panic, so I concentrated on shallow, long deliberate breathing making sure my lungs were completely full before breathing slowly out again. Continue reading ‘Public masturbation: Masked & in Rubber’