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Rubber Doll Rituals

Rubber Doll Rituals is a new heavy rubber erotica project focussing on fetish girls at play wearing total enclosure head-to-toe latex. The girls aren’t in general fetish models, rather, they are full on rubber fetishists getting their kicks by creating some arty latexy erotic not-your-everyday type of porn. From what I’ve seen there is no unnecessary nudity but we are treated to very pleasant full on cunt shots namely from Mary Jale in Spilt Milk and Miss O who uses a pussy pump in Pussy Power.

The producers are Maria Beatty of Bleu Productions fame and Miss May aka Fetish Webmistress. It’s early days but looks to be a promising source for creative rubber porn… check it out >

Heavy Rubber Fetish?

heavy rubber hood babyAre you looking for heavy rubber and latex enclosure fetish photos? What about rubber slave girl fetish fiction, latex babes and fetish models into latex porn and bondage? Or maybe it’s fetish dolls, cross dressing rubber dolls, rubber dolls living their lives out under the control of their rubber Mistress in rubbery medical madness, piss play, breath play, hoods and layering of multiple hoods, masks and the beauties that wear them, latex bondage and total enclosure and more? If so, I welcome you to peruse my website, currently in its infancy, and to bookmark it and come back often. I look for the best rubber fetish material on the web and bring it all together in one place for your fetish and voyeuristic pleasure. I will also be sharing my own personal fetish fiction and photos, and sharing what some of the other horny fuckers I know, have to show and tell too. For extreme fetish fantasies and  wonderful photography, there will be a number of galleries of photos of not only me, but of other rubber latex fetishists too! Enjoy and come back often! Rubbery regards, Dirtydollbaby

Marquis Fetish Ball San Francisco July 18th 2009


Want to meet a Heavy Rubber Mistress? The Marquis Fetish Ball will be swarming with them, no doubt! With an international line up of hosts and entertainment, the Ball promises to be a fantastic occasion to celebrate the world of rubber fetishism.

The line up:

Your Mistress of Ceremonies for the night is The Baroness from New York City
Featuring A Bondage Performance By International Superstar Midori
Live Model Casting For Marquis America with Charles Gatewood
Beats by DJ Netik {Meat, DNA Lounge, Exotic Erotic}
Aerial Performance By Evacide
Live Drawings By Fetish Artist Suzanne Forbes
Fashion Show with Blacklickorish Latex Design, Tactical Corsets and Antiseptic Fashion
Latex Shine-up Station by Kinky Salon
Fetish Performance by Athena Fatale, Mistress of Mayhem
Plus, Play Dungeon, Theme Rooms, and Midnight Madness Raffle with spectacular prizes!

What is a Heavy Rubber Mistress anyway?

Let’s consider the three words: Heavy, Rubber and Mistress.

HEAVY: A concept of weight. As opposed to light.

RUBBER: Natural rubber latex is derived from a substance found in the sap of a number of trees particularly the Pará rubber tree or ‘Hevea brasiliensis’. It’s all very fascinating and if you want to learn more I direct you to the Wiki entry HERE. Rubber latex has become a popular material for fetish clothing, catering specifically to those with a latex fetish but also to those with a general love of all things shiny and also for those who wear them as general fetish outfits, to clubs.

MISTRESS: The woman who controls the heart and well being of her slave.

In this instance we refer to that lady, the Mistress as ruler, wearer and lover of the heavier type of fetish clothing produced using said substance, rubber. Et voila Heavy Rubber Mistress