Heavy Rubber School Girl Madeline


Heavy rubber school girl Madeline, rushed in the front door to find Daddy waiting for her, perched on the edge of the sofa, in the living room. She stopped short, kind of surprised, but not greatly cos she knew she’d been in trouble at school that day.

She glanced over at RubberBitch the human latex ensconced puppy (sex undetermined) in the corner who was looking up at her with woeful (i.e hopeful) eyes.

“Approach” commanded Daddy.

Madeline took the lollipop out of her mouth and offered him a suck.

“I heard from the school today, darling. ”

“I thought you might have Daddy.”

“They said you had been lifting your skirts, and showing the boys – and that you weren’t wearing any knickers!”

Madeline lowered her head and cast her eyes coyly at Daddy.

“Madeline, prove them wrong, now”

Madeline lifted the edges of her skirt little by little to reveal what was indeed her pale pink and very bare cunt.

“Closer, come closer” Daddy’s outstretched rubber covered hand pinched Madeline’s soft lips, and his fingers slid between them until they found her slit,  hand deep in her cunt he pulled her towards him and maneuvered her onto his lap.

Then clicking his fingers, calling RubberBitch to attention, the bitch scrambled in a hurry over to Daddy who grabbed her/him by the collar shoving her/his head in between Madeline’s legs. There, RubberBitch happily lapped and licked at Madeline’s clit, grunting and snorting, until Madeline, unable to contain herself, threw back her head and let out an almighty roar of release.

Pushing Madeline off his lap and shoving the bitch’s head to the side, Daddy stood up, muttering something about naughty school girls and them needing to be taught a lesson. Grabbing Madeline’s piggy tail, he pulled her roughly over to the bureau where he pushed her head on to the desk and pulled up her school skirt so her bare arse was exposed in the air.

She could hear him rummaging, Madeline turned to see what Daddy was looking for but deep down already knew what to expect.  It was the cane.

“Keep your head on the desk please”

She tried, but the anticipation was too much!  She stood up, dancing on the spot, hands covering her arse, only to be shoved back down.

“Keep still or I will lock you into place, and you won’t be moving for some hours!”

Head back on the desk she turned towards the window and focused on the far away horizon, biting her lip trying to contain her squeaks.

Swish! she swallowed her breathe
Swish! her body flipped inside out
Swish! the pain released something inside and her head rushed in response
Swish! 4 strokes! she thought, good lord!
Swish! 5!
Swish! 6! he ALWAYS stops before 6……

Stop, stop stop pleeeeeaase! she squealed.

Daddy stopped. His breath heavy, chest heaving, he put the cane down and Madeline melted off the desk to her knees using Daddy’s legs to keep herself upright.

“You know how much it upsets me to punish you, don’t you darling?”

“I do, Daddy.”

She looked up into his dark expressionless face, searching for some clue as to his next move. Rubbing her cheek where his hard cock was sitting, she used it against her neck and her face, until she was smothering her breath in the folds of the black rubbery fabric of his pantaloons.

“I think I might know how to make you feel better Daddy”

She undid his belt, (which was wrapped immediately around her neck)  and took his hard cock in her mouth.

“Please sit down, Sir”

Dragged by the belt, Madeline crawled on all fours over to the lounge. RubberBitch trotted over and headbutted her, looking for some playtime –  “out of my way bitch” Madeline growled ” get behind me, now!.” RubberBitch fell into place sniffing and licking Madeline’s feet until s/he found his/her way up, where he/she nuzzled and nibbled away, licking from her cunt upwards to her tight and tender pretty arsehole.

Madeline moaned with pleasure as she sucked Daddy, all the while his belt tight around her neck, with his hand pushing her head so his cock filled her throat, choking and gasping for air only to be pushed back down and held there…..and then….. the taste of his hot sweet load filled her mouth, and she knew she had been forgiven.


The puppygirl in the accompanying photo is Synth


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