Photo Gallery: Fetish Dynasty

For many years a connoisseur of rubber latex and all fetish photography, the Mikado of Fetish Dynasty was always searching for imagery that could satisfy his personal obsessions and fetishes. Eventually he was inspired to begin creating the kind of images he’d been seeking out for himself, in collaboration with his partner in crime, the PrimaFetishista. Now we can all enjoy the product of a truly wicked and perverted pair indulging in each other’s fantasies. Head over to their website for much more of their photography

Rubber Doll Beauty Secrets

Need some sun! on Twitpic

Even a fetish doll likes to keep a tan year round!
Find out what The Rubber Sisters are up to on their website:

Photo Gallery: Valentina Fetish Doll

Valentina Fetish Doll’s rubber latex fetish web site is regularly updated with well photographed kinky material, co-starring a top roster of fetish models, performers and guest mistresses. Visit Her Site Here

How To Fuck: Position Two.

My legs are encased by shiny stockings of rubber and by strictly laced ballet boots. Toes pointing to the ceiling, my wrists are strapped to my ankles with tight leather restraints. I grip the long pointed heels with my gloved hands.

There is a rope that’s been tied to the top of the bed post above me the noose placed around my neck, it leaves my breath shallow as it subtly suffocates. I desperately want to relax back into the soft pillows, I lean into my legs to provide some relief, but I am unable to hold the position for long. I slip backwards and the ligature tightens.  It edges me towards asphyxiation – what a sweet way to pass….. Continue reading ‘How To Fuck: Position Two.’

Photo Gallery: Rubber Schoolgirl with Pet

More photos of human pets can be found on this wonderful website


The puppygirl in the photos is Synth


The Missing Hood

Madeline is hurrying down the street as quickly as she can, despite her tight hobble skirt and 6 inch stilts. She arrives at the hotel and hurtles herself into the lift, anxious to get back upstairs where her Hooded Master awaits.

She opens the door and scans the room when from behind, a hand closes in on her mouth and another her throat. It is Him.

Madeline’s back is up against the wall as her Master undoes her pink satin tie. He flips the top button of her shirt, then the second and pulls it open exposing the triangle of skin on her chest. He slides his hand across and under her bra and over her nipples. He licks her collar bone and sucks her neck trailing his tongue up to her ear where he whispers “Where is the hood that you were supposed to put back on before re-entering this room?” Continue reading ‘The Missing Hood’

Fetish Model Pupett

Fetish Model Pupett, from the former East Germany demands the attention of any lover of heavy rubber, bondage, domination and the female form. Her obvious love for extreme rubber bondage and predicaments shows in her wonderfully engaging and expressive face, that makes her always stand out from her equally pretty perverted peers. Although often enough Pupett’s face soon disappears under various latex hoods and masks, sometimes more than one.

Pupett’s long established pay site is frequently updated, and as befits a heavy rubber bondage model of long standing she can also be seen teamed up with Shiny Aline, Sandra from Fetish-Live, the team at and recently demonstrating wonderful heavy rubber bondage gear and hoods from at Fetish Evolution in Essen, supervised by Baroness Bijou.

What He likes

Dearest and beloved slave… Since I know that you are writing to give me pleasure, and since I generally love the tone and style of what you write, I wanted to pass on a couple of elements to include to enhance my pleasure… I particularly enjoy the image of a rubber costume that exposes the vagina, nipples and triangle below the collar bone. I like outfits where an arrangement of straps and buckles, or chains – with locks, leaves you utterly helpless to remove or alter any aspect of your costume. Ditto chains and locks that hold you in one place, bed, chair, bathroom rail or restrict your movement; arms behind back, elbows together, ankles, knees, thighs etc I like to hear how oppressive some outfits might be… ballet heels, very tight thick gloves, gags that make your jaws ache and saliva drip humiliatingly, posture collars done up one hole too tight, leaving you flushed beneath your face covers and struggling for breath. I particularly want to hear about multiple hoods and masks and layers of loose rubber. Continue reading ‘What He likes’

Rubber Piss Play fantasy

Dear Sir, Last night I came whilst thinking about you pissing all over me. It was not very realistic however as I was only wearing one hood (it was the Rubber 55 with eye and mouth mask). You cupped my pussy with your hand (I was wearing my latex catsuit with the slit you made for easy access and my lovely new latex shirt plus gloves of course) while I peed, then you forced me down to my knees and relieved yourself all over my head and face. I hate to say it, but you moved the mouth mask aside and pissed in my mouth and that was my point of climax.