Public masturbation: Masked & in Rubber

My head was tightly packed into a rubber hood with a leather hood over the top. The back laced and locked on leather hood had no nose holes, so it meant I had to breathe through my mouth which was difficult enough because my jaw was aching from being bound together by the two hoods! The best I could do for the extended period of time was part my lips and suck the air through my teeth. I couldn’t take a very deep breath and I had to keep telling myself to keep control and not panic, so I concentrated on shallow, long deliberate breathing making sure my lungs were completely full before breathing slowly out again.

Placed over the two hoods was a hard leather full face mask and then another smaller eye mask was placed on top of that. I wore rubber stockings, held up with a rubber corselette. Thigh high shiny boots with a platform and an impossible 8 inch stiletto. Latex gloves and a latex waist cincher tightly laced over a crisp brand new cotton shirt, collar popped with top two buttons open revealing my chest up to the base of my neck where a thick black studded dog collar clinched my throat and laid claim to the lead that I had been pulled around on all night.

Master stood me up and wrapped the extra length of the lead around my neck hooking the handle on a nail that was sticking out of the wall high above my head.

He placed my hand on my groin and instructed me to start rubbing and to not stop until he returned. He walked to the bar and stood there speaking to some friends. His back to me. I lost sight of him and as I tried to turn my head the leather lead tightened. I rolled my clit and desperately tried to find him, all I could see were flashing lights and people walking past, I spied a girl watching me from the corner of her eye, she was deep in conversation her companion unaware of the missed voyeuristic opportunity.

I closed my eyes, humiliated, I did not want to see who else might be watching, I continued wanking with my eyes closed and then a hand grabbed my cunt, it forced itself roughly deep inside me. I came instantly.

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