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Rubber Mistress Dante Posh at The English Mansion

dante posh at the english mansiondanteposh-english-mansion-rubberdoll

I’ve just found a Free Gallery of Dante Posh – New York’s premier latex mistress, on The English Mansion. If you are searching for a realistic, no bullshit FemDom website – this could be your saving grace.  You’ll find a mix of latex and rubber, leather and other clothing type fetishes – stockings, lingerie, boots and shoes, plus a wide and varied range of BDSM and other fetish scenes. Medical and watersports fans are extensively catered for and there is plenty of  strap on anal play and corporal punishment which is an obvious favourite activity at The English Mansion.

So, whatever your ‘thing’ may be, you can be sure that it is covered by this site, where beautiful and strict woman, like Dante Posh, rule over a kingdom of suffering men. Visit Now >

The Heavy Rubber Mistress social circle

latex fetish kumimonster jean bardot rubberdoll

Almost all the premier league heavy rubber mistresses tend to know and work with one another at least to extent of appearing in one another’s web site photo shoots and movies. If one looks carefully one can sometimes see a hardcore mistress beneath layers of locked on latex, taking a submissive role when performing in a colleague’s production.  You can be sure that while the submissiveness is more likely than not to be an act, the arousal from the heavy rubber aspect of the ordeal the ‘slave’ is suffering is almost certain to be real!

Harald and Sandra, who are responsible for Fetish-Live.com, MistressSandra.com, the wonderful erotic latex outfits ranging from elegant to ultra bizarre, of HWdesign.at and a series of iconic DVDs released under the name of Karezza Film, welcome a stream of iconic heavy rubber mistresses to their home base in Vienna. One very experienced visitor later described their dungeon complex as the greatest they have ever seen as part of a private home – although of course it also serves as a studio setting for their photo shoots and movies. Continue reading ‘The Heavy Rubber Mistress social circle’