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Find your Fetish Mistress Online

You’re dressed in your shiny black, rubber catsuit with cock ring securely in place. Your hood tightly binds your head while slightly concealing your nostrils, so breathing is just that little bit more difficult; just enough to ensure you maintain awareness of your self-inflicted disposition.

You’re clicking aimlessly through the fetish world wide web, searching for cheap thrills; the amount of free content available nowadays is limitless. The endless selfies on your favourite fetish website; you’re wondering how you might catch that girl’s attention when so many others have the same intention as you…

As your desire grows stronger (and your cock gets harder), your mind turns to your favourite fantasy; your longing to be overpowered by a super hot latex-clad dominant woman. But how to resolve this? Like, find a resolution right now – this very instant – because you’ll be needing to relieve the sexual tension that has developed into a massive, pulsating hard-on. 😉 So you decide to visit this site where you can meet a real >> Fetish Mistress Online << and before you know it, you’re face to face on webcam with the rubber Mistress you’ve dreamed of so often. She shows you her latex covered butt, and slides her gloved hands over her slick, shiny body, all the while whispering dirty things at you, telling you that you belong at her feet, cleaning her boots. You’re in a world of bliss and happiness as you think to yourself that this is the true beauty of the internet.

fetish mistress online

Total Enclosure Mistress and slave

Slave is Cynth Icorn

Amanda Wildefyre – Ultimate Heavy Rubber Mistress

Undisputed female rubberist exemplar Amanda Wildefyre is a very obvious candidate to sit at the top table of the ultimate heavy rubber mistress but even more so than many others she is one-of-a-kind. Amazonian in stature, Ivy-league graduate, theatrical in demeanour, passionately enthusiastic, in every sense larger than life. She seems to have chosen pro-domination as a career as the closest she could find to her true vocation of mad scientist / super villainesse.

She is more than comfortable herself in full hooded enclosure while practising her black arts encasing her victims (mostly males and TVs but also some female) in numerous layers of rubber bondage and multiple latex hoods and masks (always of the finest quality). They are always further reduced to utter helplessness by the strictest extreme bondage in combination with a vast collection of bizarre devices, many of them fabulous genuine antique medical equipment. Continue reading ‘Amanda Wildefyre – Ultimate Heavy Rubber Mistress’

Photo Gallery: Fetish Dynasty

For many years a connoisseur of rubber latex and all fetish photography, the Mikado of Fetish Dynasty was always searching for imagery that could satisfy his personal obsessions and fetishes. Eventually he was inspired to begin creating the kind of images he’d been seeking out for himself, in collaboration with his partner in crime, the PrimaFetishista. Now we can all enjoy the product of a truly wicked and perverted pair indulging in each other’s fantasies. Head over to their website for much more of their photography FetishDynasty.com

Photo Gallery: Valentina Fetish Doll

Valentina Fetish Doll’s rubber latex fetish web site is regularly updated with well photographed kinky material, co-starring a top roster of fetish models, performers and guest mistresses. Visit Her Site Here

Rubber Mistress Dante Posh at The English Mansion

dante posh at the english mansiondanteposh-english-mansion-rubberdoll

I’ve just found a Free Gallery of Dante Posh – New York’s premier latex mistress, on The English Mansion. If you are searching for a realistic, no bullshit FemDom website – this could be your saving grace.  You’ll find a mix of latex and rubber, leather and other clothing type fetishes – stockings, lingerie, boots and shoes, plus a wide and varied range of BDSM and other fetish scenes. Medical and watersports fans are extensively catered for and there is plenty of  strap on anal play and corporal punishment which is an obvious favourite activity at The English Mansion.

So, whatever your ‘thing’ may be, you can be sure that it is covered by this site, where beautiful and strict woman, like Dante Posh, rule over a kingdom of suffering men. Visit Now >