The Missing Hood

Madeline is hurrying down the street as quickly as she can, despite her tight hobble skirt and 6 inch stilts. She arrives at the hotel and hurtles herself into the lift, anxious to get back upstairs where her Hooded Master awaits.

She opens the door and scans the room when from behind, a hand closes in on her mouth and another her throat. It is Him.

Madeline’s back is up against the wall as her Master undoes her pink satin tie. He flips the top button of her shirt, then the second and pulls it open exposing the triangle of skin on her chest. He slides his hand across and under her bra and over her nipples. He licks her collar bone and sucks her neck trailing his tongue up to her ear where he whispers “Where is the hood that you were supposed to put back on before re-entering this room?”

Madeline eyes widen as she gasps. She feels as though the wind has been sucked up through her chest, out of her mouth and into her Master’s care.

She’s envisioning the hood inside a black plastic bag that is no longer in her possession.

“Sir” she whispers fearfully “I think I may have lost it. I’ve left it in the bag that I used for the contract that I was dealing with in today’s meeting.”

Their eyes lock.

“Meaning that my client now has my hood.”

Her Hooded Master responds calmly “You must therefore call your client, and ask her to look for it, and then organise a time when you can go and pick it up.”

But Madeline does not want to call her client. A black leather hood, suggests all kinds of things and Madeline is burning at the cheeks at the thought of her client knowing such an intimate secret about her..

As she protests, a fat red ball gag is produced and shoved roughly into her mouth to shut her up. The cotton shirt is removed only to be succeeded by one in black latex with the highest stiffest collar. So high it reaches up and around her ears the tips touching her nose as she struggles against the strength of her Master. Layers of gloves are being placed on her hands. Her velvet skirt is roughly removed, her legs are whipped out from under her and as she lays on her back a pair of thick rubber stockings replace her fully fashioned ones. A puffy pair of crotchless bloomers are then placed over these.

The rubber stockings have buckles on the inside of the legs and these are clasped together so both legs are kept close. The 6 inch stilts are placed back on her feet.

A corset is then laced and buckled into place, a belt over that. Then her elbows are pulled together behind her back and her wrists restrained together at the front.

“I was not asking or making a suggesting, girl” growls the Hooded Master. He empties her handbag on the desk in front of her, pushing her mobile phone towards and she fumbles around trying to flip it open to make the call.

In muffled tones Madeline splutters through her gag “Sir, I cannot open my phone”

She is bent over the desk and receives 6 hard strokes of the cane.

Her Hooded Master grips her tightly around the neck and smacks her hard against the jaw. Looking at her square in the eyes he says firmly “well, you will just have to work out a way of retrieving it”

To be continued….

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