The Rubber Sisters… which is which, and what lies under their rubber skins

The Rubber Sisters

The Rubber Sisters are sisters obviously, a rather perverted incestuous pair, it has to be said. They are pretty girls with flawless rubber skins and very kinky minds. But which is which, and how does one tell them apart. What manner of beings have created these perfect fetish creatures and animated them, bringing them to life for their photo shoots and videos, and their many personal appearances at fetish events?

The sisters names are Monica and Jacline, and easiest way to establish which is which is to notice that while Monica’s rubber skin and face always form an unbroken covering totally enclosing the person within, Jacline often gives us a glimpse of breasts that are rather more human, either a stunning cleavage of bare flesh, or real breasts squashed inside a transparent latex covering. And she also sometimes dispenses with her perfect doll-like visage for something a little more revealing in the form of a transparent latex mask, or occasionally a classic full latex hood.

So perfect is the feminine appearance of the sisters, and yet so complete their rubber encapsulation (at least at first glance), newcomers constantly speculate as to whether they are really both male or female, or one of each. It does not seem too much of breaking the spell to state once and for all the the sisters are indeed a real life couple who are a man and a woman. We have first hand evidence for this: A photographer friend of ours who snapped the Rubber Sisters at the the famous Skin Two Rubber Ball one year, noticed Jacline at an smaller fetish party the next day in the same transparent hood she had worn the night before and wondered where Monica was, only to have the handsome and personable young man next to Jacline admit that it was he! Allowing Monica a night off for once. Check out The Rubber Sisters in their own members’ website!

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