What He likes

Dearest and beloved slave… Since I know that you are writing to give me pleasure, and since I generally love the tone and style of what you write, I wanted to pass on a couple of elements to include to enhance my pleasure… I particularly enjoy the image of a rubber costume that exposes the vagina, nipples and triangle below the collar bone. I like outfits where an arrangement of straps and buckles, or chains – with locks, leaves you utterly helpless to remove or alter any aspect of your costume. Ditto chains and locks that hold you in one place, bed, chair, bathroom rail or restrict your movement; arms behind back, elbows together, ankles, knees, thighs etc I like to hear how oppressive some outfits might be… ballet heels, very tight thick gloves, gags that make your jaws ache and saliva drip humiliatingly, posture collars done up one hole too tight, leaving you flushed beneath your face covers and struggling for breath. I particularly want to hear about multiple hoods and masks and layers of loose rubber.

I want to hear details of how you are restrained and your movement is restricted. And I want clear explicit repetitive descriptions of how your neckline looks in each outfit, never deviating from the open shirt style collar (though not necessarily on a shirt, could be any kind of dress or a catsuit with a button front and a shirt collar) the way the collar stands up the points brushing you jawline, the way the turned up collar silhouette frames your hood-enveloped head. Black is my favourite colour, but I like colourful clothes and different imaginative colour schemes, so use any colour combinations that appeal.

Your devoted Master

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